About Us

About Us

Southern Orthopaedics is located at Southern Community Health in Belair and offers assessment services to uninsured and private patients with orthopaedic conditions. We will quickly provide a diagnosis and treatment plan from a team of experienced orthopaedic consultants.

Whether it be your hip, knee, ankle or shoulder, we’re here to get you back on the road to recovery quicker and enjoying life by providing to you the right information on the treatment options for your condition. Our team of dedicated and caring consultants operate specialty orthopaedic assessment clinics at 13 Laffers Road, Belair each week.

Who are we?

Southern Orthopaedics is a group of specialist orthopaedic consultants in South Australia, having commenced clinics in 2014. We provide prompt and comprehensive orthopaedic care by expert consultants. Our specialties include: General Orthopaedics (Hip & Knee), Sports Injury, Upper Extremity, Hand, Shoulder, Foot and Ankle.

Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology and ensures quality healthcare in a comfortable setting.

During your appointment our team of consultants will help you to better understand your condition and the options that are available to you to treat and support the condition. You will be better informed, aware of your alternatives and able to make better decisions about your own health.

Ask your GP for a referral.